Building of the Month (January)

Our first building for 2023, as interpreted by our Artist in Residence ‘Bill Hunt’ is Otaniemi, the home of Aalto University’s campus,

Architect: Alvar Aalto

Location: Espoo Campus Finland

Completed: 1964

Aalto designed the original layout of the Otaniemi campus during the Modernist period. The campus’ buildings send a clear message in the material choice: red bricks are a reference to old Finnish industrial architecture.

The fan-shaped auditorium building was completed in 1964. Today the building is Aalto University’s Undergraduate Centre. The building underwent extensive renovation in autumn 2016, after which all the campus libraries moved into the building.

The building beautifully exhibits the features characteristic of Alvar Aalto’s design, such as the masterful use of light.

Alvar Aalto designed every building as a single complete work of art, including its furniture and lighting and other fixtures.

Interesting fact: Aalto wasn’t a big fan of straight corners? Most of his rooms are a soft triangular shape, with natural light streaming in to enhance the creativity of his designs. IKEA copied many of his furniture/product designs.