HEDQF Building of the month (May)

Our building for May, as interpreted by HEDQF ‘Artist in Residence’ Bill Hunt, is Brunel Lecture Theatre Block, Brunel University.

Completed 1966-71

Architect: Richard Sheppard, Robson and Partners (now Sheppard Robson) / Stillman & Eastwick-Field

Listed Grade II

About: The Brunel  University campus underwent a major expansion in the 1960’s, with a number of new buildings completed as part of a masterplan by Richard Sheppard.

The lecture theatres were designed by John Heywood of Richard Sheppard, Robson and Partners, with a structure built from reinforced concrete.

Interesting fact: Brunel was one of the fastest growing and most prestigious technical colleges of the post-war period and a flagship of the newly created Robbins universities; the lecture theatre block achieved early notoriety as a location in the film A Clockwork Orange!