Innovation Districts: let us know your thoughts!

Earlier this year the Forum’s Research Group published, ‘Innovation Districts and Collaboration Spaces’. This review of best practice in the UK considered the role that HE institutions can play in the development of innovation districts. We continue to see the rise of innovation districts in the UK through collaboration between Universities, Local Authorities, and the private sector acting as key components of urban regeneration. There are currently 14 established innovation districts in the UK with many more planned. Our paper explores some of the challenges of assembling the right partners for success and questions what role Universities can take as ‘anchor tenants. See the original article here.
We are now seeking further feedback, let us know how important you think Universities are in establishing successful innovation districts and offer your suggestions for areas where the University Design Forum’s Research Group could put further effort into helping Universities maximise their presence, improving research collaboration with the private sector, stimulating entrepreneurialism and generating social and economic growth.
Email if you want to become involved.