Social Learning Spaces – HEDQF report now published

Research is a core component of the charity’s activities, supporting the higher education sector to create, maintain and deliver high quality environments through greater understanding and knowledge of how they affect the people that use them.  Student opinion is vital to the success of our research initiatives, and as such we are committed to engaging with the student community and capturing their views across a wide range of issues associated to the built environment.  We have undertaken this consumer research working with YouthSight, an independent insight consultancy focusing on the opinions of under 30s, to explore student views on informal learning environments and their preferences for places to study either on their own or with others.  This has given us some interesting feedback and a high level picture from which we can delve a little deeper and continue the discussion. HEDQF plan to undertake this type of initiative, capturing the student voice sharing it with our members and the sector as a whole on an annual basis whether that is addressing social learning or other aspects of student experience.

Caroline Paradise, HEDQF Research group co-chair

HEDQF_Social Learning Spaces_Final