The Future of Learning Environments: Pre-publication draft now launched

The pre-publication draft from the first phase of our project ‘The future of Learning Environments’ was launched at our annual conference in Edinburgh in June, 2019.

We investigated key themes for research into future HE learning environments. Topics ranged from future labour market needs in areas such as AI and robotics through to more holistic measures to show how HE space is experienced and delivers value for learners and the wider community.

Using the overarching theme of articulating the relationship between learning activities and learning spaces we have developed Learning space compass.

Learning space compass is a framework and toolkit to help diverse stakeholders understand and discuss learning activities and their space implications. Testing has shown it to be useful right from initial briefing up to designing POE in relation to desired learning outcomes.

We are seeking pilot projects to test out the Learning space compass.  Lessons learned from the pilots will be fed back into its further development.  If you’d like to get involved, please get in contact with the research group via