Case studies from Europe, comparing trends and challenges

Date & Time:July 23, 2019 4:00 pm


The evening will commence with the presentation of two key higher education/research facilities projects carried out/ongoing in the NL along the same trends we see here in the UK, to stir confrontation/dialogue and prelude to a trip in the continent for a “de visu” experience and knowledge-sharing exercise.

The projects will be:

  1. Faculty of Social Sciences at the Nijmegen University (a zero energybuilding inspired by the latest sustainability and health & wellbeing trends). Presented by Jeroen Simons, Partner at Inbo Architects (, and Peter Buurman, Director of Sustainability at Deerns.
  2. Space Research Netherlands at the Leiden Science Campus (integrated BIM in high-tech projects with over 10,000 sqm of labs and cleanrooms). Presented by Frank van Rijn, Facility Manager/project director at the SRON (Space Research Organization Netherlands –, and Eric Stuiver, Director of the International Clean Technologies Practice at Deerns.


4.00 pm Tea/coffee + networking

4.10 pm Introductions – Giulio Corte, Business Development Director – Deerns and Ann Marie Aguilar, Director of Operations Europe – IWBI

4.25 pm Faculty of Social Science Nijmegen (INBO+Deerns) + Q&A

4.55 pm Leiden Science Campus (SRON+Deerns) + Q&A

5.25 pm Closing remarks + discussion

5.40 pm Networking drinks until 7pm


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Venue sourced by the International WELL Building Institute (IWBI)