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Please refer to our membership guidance and complete the online form below.  Please note that membership is organisational and not individual.  Any questions?  Contact for more information.

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To help us in fairly evaluating all applications the Board has asked applicants to provide a statement on their compatibility with the the forum’s values and behaviours as set out on our website. This might include research on product and service type benefits for learning and teaching environments, for example, and to recognise and support the process of design quality knowledge sharing, above organisational promotion. To put this in the context of our wider evaluations, consultants have historically been asked to present their HE credentials to a panel, highlighting levels of innovation and design quality.
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Only the named contact will receive full member benefits. This can subsequently be transferred to a colleague on request. Please note here any other members of your organisation who would like to receive news updates only.


One sponsor for HE members, two sponsors for consultant, contactor or supplier members

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