Student Prize 2020

This 2019-2020 academic year we collaborated with the University of Sheffield school of architecture, investing our time and resources to support the briefing, tutoring and final review of an MArch Studio named Collaborative Production.

The year 5 and year 6 students were briefed to work together and individually on the creation of an alternative form of higher education campus, a campus imbued with environmental and social sustainability. Located in the Wicker area, to the north east of Sheffield city centre, the campus designs propose various strategies to combat the Climate Emergency. This is with reference to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals and includes ideas that minimise in use and embodied carbon. The studio’s aim has also been to break down the barriers between academia and local people, creating a collaborative space which promotes meaningful and productive interaction. The projects mean to create a vibrant, environmentally and socially sustainable piece of the city, with learning and innovation promoting new kinds of employment and novel forms of production and exchange.  

Representing HEDQF, Andy MacFee provided tutorial support to each student at several key moments through the academic year. This culminated with a final review of each student project and the award of financial prizes from HEDQF for the four best projects. The prizewinning students and projects were as follows:

Ist Prize £1,200 Kelubia Onaro  (Yr 6) for the Wicker Innovation Commune

2nd Prize £800   Charlie Perriam  (Yr 6) for the Sheffield School of Urban Activism

Joint 3rd prize £500   Kristie-Lee McAreavey  (Yr 5) for the Institute of Sustainable Construction

Joint 3rd Prize £500   Kanai Shah  (Yr 5) for the Centre for Innovative Learning Environments

For further information about and drawings of the students projects, we have posted a summary paper here.